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Hey sis!

Apothicc was created by Andrew and Renato, a couple of old marrieds that have a dog named Janice who basically runs the place.

Andrew is an incredibly talented stylist during the day and a candle maven at night.

Renato is a graphic designer with an impeccable eye and aaaaall the moves. (It’s Britney, bitch.)

They created apothicc to join their two passions – art and things that smell amazing. The idea struck when one day Andrew realized most candles look like, well, candles. Simple, non-descript, with a sticker on the bottom that says Pitter Patter Punkin. “But what if every candle looked like a work of art?,” he muttered out loud over a pint of Blue Bell.

With that simple wonder, apothicc was born. Never one to half-ass anything, Andrew went pompadour-deep in research and the result is the amazing little stunner you’re about to add to cart.

Every apothicc candle is made with coconut wax because it’s eco-friendly, sustainable, burns cleaner and provides a purer scent. To put it in Tina Turner speak, it’s simply the best. That’s why apoticc candles are premium, bougie and should never share shelfspace with anything less than your A+ knickknacks.

Originally from Texas, Andrew is a self-described country queer with a wit drier than any buttery chard. And Renato is a Brazilian Bombshell that’s been known to wear a statement Speedo. The two currently reside in East LA but return “home” frequently with the lure of Sylvia’s (Andrew’s Mom) promise of a pull-out couch and a home-cooked meal. Though it will most assuredly be “nothin’ fancy.”

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